Sunday, March 6, 2016

School Leader in Focus: Imelda Caravaca Ferrer 1 of 2

Ma'am Imelda: A lifelong reader is a lifelong learner
This blog has featured Filipino librarians, authors, illustrators, storytellers, literacy advocates and teachers. What it has yet to have is to write about school leaders who mentor and assist teachers to grow as professionals in the discipline. So, for the first time, here is an interview with DepEd LRMDS Supervisor, Madame Imelda Caravaca Ferrer of the Makati City public school system.

If you did not pursue a career in education, what would you be today?

My top three jobs are to be a writer, lawyer and a sexy dancer. But it’s too late in the day to be a dancer, so I’d opt to be a writer  aside from my day job. (I’m a published textbook writer of SIBS Publishing House). If I weren’t a teacher,  I would have been an office worker in the jungles of Makati.

Describe your journey from teacher to supervisor. What has been the most challenging experience so far?

Every part of the journey has its reason and meaning. I value my being a teacher for the better part, then segueing into being a principal and then supervisor. The biggest challenge, so far, was when a teacher and I in my second assignment as principal had a difference of opinion. We never settled anything, although I tried talking to her. In life, we get to meet difficult people. No matter, what we do, if they are set in their ways, there is nothing we can do to make them think otherwise.

What made you stay in the public school system?

I love giving talks/trainings. That’s where I could make a big difference in the lives of our teachers in Makati.

Why is K-12 going to work?

K-12 is going to work because people are working on it together. Personally, I feel that it was hastily started, but those are the givens. Proactive people work on the givens. Change is inevitable. If we don’t do it now, when will we do it? If not us, who will?

Part 2 of this interview are tips for school leaders from Madame Imelda Caravaca Ferrer. Visit the blog for her tips to educational administrators like her.

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