Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt at the Library 2016

Found Easter Egg Cutouts
A week before our term break, I hid Easter egg cutouts in books shelved in our fiction collection. I then sent an email to the community about the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the library. This morning, my avid readers went looking for books and found the eggs! 

They borrowed the books (which will add up to their book quota- every grade level has a required book number pegged for the batch to borrow) to read over the quarter break. These are books I selected. I am excited to hear reader feedback when they return the books to the library using the book review bookmarks. I have information to use in selecting and acquiring titles. I get to know my young readers' changing tastes in reading materials and topics. I can plan more programs that meet their reading needs.

This is a reading program I subtly introduce to teens with the hope of engaging them deeper into books and reading. The fiction books I have chosen are titles that I think would supplement and enrich their academic endeavors. Reading fiction may be light and leisurely, but it is an engagement with the book creators and the text.

What about content area reading? There is another approach for that. What about the reluctant readers? The ones who struggle below their comprehension level? That can be addressed through individualized and differentiated instruction, thus, the school library's reading program and services must follow through this strategy. And this kind of reading program is in my To Do list at work.

Happy reading everyone!

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