Friday, March 25, 2016

MUNPARLAS Summer Conference 2016

The host of mentors that participants can choose from.
The Muntinlupa Paranaque and Las Pinas Librarians Associatio (MUNPARLAS) is once again gearing up to conduct a Summer Conference that focus on library topics that pose challenges to librarians of today.  It only goes to show how MUNPARLAS, as an organization, is attuned to the changing times. Knowing its members well, the officers this year are experimenting on the conduct of a mentoring session within the conference program.

This conference is set to follow a new format. By choosing speakers who will present topics of expertise and interest, they will be  working within small groups to discuss in depth the topic of choice.

I will be discussing customer services in libraries. Not my field of expertise, but a topic I am deeply invested in. So, we'll see. I am more excited at what the participants' will bring to the table. In conferences like these, I believe that the speaker will likewise learn from the participants.

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