Saturday, March 26, 2016

Librarian On TV: Ang Pinaka Touching Random Acts Kindness

Once again, I am a panelist in the TV program, Ang Pinaka. The top ten this week is all about random acts of kindness. What a timely topic since tomorrow is Easter Sunday!

I myself was touched by the top ten choices that when the crew came over at home for the interview and taping, I was teary eyed. But I felt good. Really good. I hope that tomorrow's episode will inspire you or will make you think of the goodness that still resides in the hearts of people.

These acts of kindness may have been done by individuals and a selected few. It may not solve global problems and world hunger. In pastoral care, though, an act of kindness is a great deed because it uplifts the human spirit.

Ang Pinaka is telecast in GMA News TV, every Sunday at 6.30PM.

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