Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Spine Poetry Festival 2016

It is World Poetry Day on March 21. It is time, once again, for the Book Spine Poetry Contest. This is an annual celebration of poetry, oral tradition and books. This year, instead of having the poems pitted against each other, we will have a festival where book spine poems will be put on public display to be read by students, teachers and staff, even parents, of the Beacon Academy. Readers pick a book spine poem that they like and vote for it.

The Book Spine Poetry Festival is now on its third run.

So far, the library is getting three to five book spine poems a day. I create some myself as an added push to those who are hesitant to join in the fun. So far, we have ten book spine poems displayed in the library.

Yesterday, a junior, who is new to the mechanics of the activity, asked me. "How do you start making a book spine poem, Miss?"

"How do you feel today?" I asked back.

"I'm pretty upset."

I replied, "Well. Start from there. Your feelings, your emotions can fuel you to write a poem."

And so, a poem came to be.

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