Friday, March 25, 2016

PASLI Summer Conference 2016

PASLI in Iloilo this Summer, 2016.
The Philippine Association of School Librarians (PASLI) will be having its 38th General Assembly and National Conference in Iloilo City on April 20 - 22, 2016. Details of the conference, registration information and formal invitation can be downloaded in the association's blog. Visit the PASLI blog here for your information needs.

For this year's PASLI Conference, I am an invited resource speaker to discuss on two topics that I have been practicing and living out over the past years. These are the development of a Personal Learning Network and the "struggle" between work life balance. Both topics are culled out from my personal experiences and thus, I shall be presenting it with a discovered insight, backed up by research and theoretical concepts in psychology. This is a first for me, to talk about topics outside the library discipline, and focus more on personal care.

The Personal Learning Network topic is going to be a success story presentation and the Work Life Balance is a hands on session where I will share with the participants ways to get in touch with one's creative self; start with an easy to do workout routine; and provide tips on distressing and achieving a balance for a healthier mind, heart and soul.

I hope to see you in the PASLI Summer Conference, friends and colleagues!

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