Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tag Team Interview: Dang Bagas & Aldy Aguirre (3 of 3)

Here is the last part (part 3) of the Tag Team Interview of Dang Bagas and Aldy Aguirre. Part 2 was posted last January 12, 2013">.

What is your favorite children's book or YA book?

DB: Asking me this question is like asking me to choose just one star in the universe I would like to own and keep in a jar for only me to look at. Please, please don’t force me to choose only one, cause I have lots and lots, countless lots of favorites.

Ok. Fine. I’ll choose one. And I’m choosing this one because I think this is one book that at every moment I read it presents something different and new to me like it’s always the first time I’m reading it. And so it would be a good choice of book to keep if ever I get trapped in an island with no hope of rescue. And that would be Zusak’s The Book Thief.

(Now, my other books are jealous. And they’re all clamoring for a hug.)

AA: The dream hunters by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano, books by Shel Silverstein among others

Dang Bagas is a tinkerer – a scriptwriter, theatre artist, filmmaker, teacher, playwright, KUTING’s current president. 

Aldy Aguirre is a freelance illustrator from Q.C. He tries to create drawings and illustrations which he hopes can inspire others to also draw and imagine. He has the 2010 PBBY Alcala illustrator’s grand prize and is a member of AngINK (Ilustrador ng Kabataan), a group of driven illustrators for children.

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