Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

A few backs I sent a SOS to all my social media networks. This was my message:

SOS Librarian friends: I am in need of tips, standards in the organization and preservation of architectural blue prints. Short term and long term plans for management of such records. ASAP. Send me PM please.
Amazingly, I got two replies: one from Eimee Lagrama who sent in a link on the storage, preservation and management of such records; and the other from Mercy Servida, librarian of Lopez Museum. From her reply, I was able to set a procedure for the initial care of the blue prints.

1. Determine if the blue prints are the originals as these last longer than replicates;
2. Remove the blue prints from rolled forms.
3. Straighten the blue prints by placing glass on top or any flat, heavy object;
4. Scan and/or digitize;
5. Classify and catalog the blue prints by architect, building, specifications and access points;
6. Store in space with controlled temperature and humidity.
With social media and Web 2.0, librarians can continue to grow and help each other out! Thanks Eimee and Tita Mercy!

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