Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 2013 Students' Best Reads

Last month,  I posted in the blog a photo of a post-it board where students can write their best reads of the year and the books they wish to read in 2014. I got this idea when I attended last year's 3rd ReaderCon.

Now here is the collected data.


The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao / by Dâiaz, Junot.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull / by Bach, Richard..
Ender`s Game, at battle school fighting is compulsory / by Card, Orson Scott.
Amulet, Prince of the Elves : Amulet / by Kibuishi, Kazu,.
Catching Fire / by Collins, Suzanne.
Eleanor & Park : You never forget your first love. / by Rowell, Rainbow.
The Ocean at the End of the Lane / by Gaiman, Neil.
The Hobbit and Philosophy
Game of Thrones, A clash of Kings : Kings & queens / by Martin, George R. R..
The Picture of Dorian Gray / by Wilde, Oscar.
The Virgin Suicides / by Eugenides, Jeffrey.
The Fault in Our stars bY John Green
Franny and Zooey / by Salinger, J. D.

Non Fiction

The expression of the emotions in man and animals / by Darwin, Charles.
Batman and Philosophy : the dark knight of the soul. -- Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley
Long walk to freedom, the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. : the autobiography of
Nelson Mandela. / by Mandela, Nelson.
Rich dad, Poor dad for teens : the secrets about money - that you don`t learn in
school! / by Kiyosaki, Robert T.
Beowulf : a new verse translation.
The Armchair Economist : economics and everyday life / by Landsburg, Steven E.
Isaac Newton: A Biography of Choice : A Biography of Choice / by Gleick, James..The History of the World, from the dawn of humanity to the modern age. : from the
dawn of humanity to the modern age. / by Welsh, Frank.

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