Monday, January 20, 2014

The 2014 Reading Challenge

Because I want to debunk the myth that librarians have read everything there is in the library. Besides, reading becomes more meaningful if the individual experience of it moves to the collective.

Some faculty members joined in the reading fun too!

The procedures are easy to follow:

a. Write your book recommendation on a piece of paper with your name and grade level. 

b. Drop this in the bowl assigned to the teacher.

c. If your book recommendation gets picked, you get a token from the library.

d. Your book recommendation will be read by the teacher over a period of time.

e. She will write a review of the book which will be posted in the library bulletin board or published in the newsletter.

f. Once she’s done reading the book, teacher will pick another book from the bowl.

* Recommend books you’ve borrowed and read from the library.

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