Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SLIA's First Post for Each Month of 2013

Keeping up with a blogging tradition, here are my first post for each month of 2013 with the first sentence of every post.

January: Happy New Year

February: I am starting February with a featured author, Ms. Becky-Santos Gerodias.

March: My, how time flies.

April: PASLI Summer Conference 2013

May: After wrapping up A Tale of Two Dreams with Bernadette Solina Wolf and sending the revised book dummy back to the press, Jomike Tejido posted a spread of our book project, My Daddy, My One and Only!

June: The 30th National Children's Book Day

July: A CURIOUS BUFFET Ang I.N.K. Group Exhibit

August: I gave a "homework" to participants of the seminar-workshop on Information Literacy (IL) sponsored and hosted by MUNPARLAS last July 19, 2013.

September: Audrey Anday has been a librarian for fourteen years now.

October: In my visit to three public schools in Batangas last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting two teachers who are in charge of the distribution of Library Hub books.

November: November is National Books and Library and Information Services Month.

December: During the NCBD, you both said that your parents allowed you to write (MJ) and draw (Dom) at home.

This was a meme I got tagged when I started this out a few years back. So, I am tagging three bloggers: Xi Zuq, Tarie Sabido and Honey de Peralta

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