Saturday, August 31, 2013

IASL Day 5: Closing Ceremonies & Ubud Artists' Village

Five things I will always remember from ALA President, Barbara Stripling, when she delivered her keynote speech on the last day of the IASL Conference in Bali:

a. Balance digital and print resources.

b. Provide collaborative experiences.

c. Foster creativity.

d. Empower youth to TELL stories (my personal favorite, for obvious reasons).

e. Create virtual learning communities.
Visit Barbara Stripling's website to read and share the white paper she wrote about libraries and the power we have to change people's lives.

 Dr. Diljit Singh, IASL President closed the 42nd IASL Conference and led the delegates to usher in representatives from Moscow as the next host of the annual conference in 2014. Congratulations to ATPUSI for a job well done in this 42nd conference of IASL. We dream of one day hosting the IASL Conference in Manila. Or in Cebu; Davao; Tagaytay, perhaps? 

Some photos from the after-conference tour in Ubud.

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