Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IASL Annual Conference 2013: Program & List of Speakers

The conference program of the 42nd IASL Annual Conference in Bali, Indonesia is already online. It can be viewed in this link, Main Program. My workshop on Bibliotherapy is scheduled on August 29, 2013 under Concurrent Session 5.

I'm going over the list of sessions and ticking which ones to attend. The pre-conference workshops look good too. I am excited to meet school librarians I know online. I'll definitely sit in Ross Todd's session and Carol Kuhlthau's too. I will have to muster enough courage for a photo op with them. I'm on fan girl mode!

Here are links to blog posts on my first IASL Conference, circa 2005.

Blogging in HKU (Hong Kong University). In this post, I wrote about my initial impression on the Hong Kong University. I still remember the lotus pond in campus.

IASL Conference Day 3. Here is where I wrote my reflections on the concurrent sessions I attended. It was 2005, and at the time, I was already wondering, ruminating on the use of technology in instruction; that it is grounded on sound pedagogy. My question was this: As a school librarian, how can I promote elearning that is grounded on effective teaching practices and productive pedagogy?

I think I need to go back to that question and further reflect on my experiences from 2005 to the present time.

IASL Conference Continuation. Wow. This post surprised me. I did not realize how brave I was then. Here's what I wrote, way back in 2005 --

Pinoy School Librarians may be busy with ICT's and library automation, but to use ICT's to create, manage and share knowledge is still left to be desired. We're still hampered by traditional roles that somehow do not answer realistic needs of our clients in the school.
Lastly, here's the last post of an echo session of the IASL 2005 Conference I did in a previous lifetime. 

What insights will this IASL Conference bring me? I sure have a lot of reflection to do in connecting the past with the present time.

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