Tuesday, August 27, 2013

IASL 2013 Day 1: Opening Ceremony

I have attended one workshop and two paper/research presentations already in the IASL 2013 Annual Conference but the opening ceremony was only done after lunch today. The program consisted of speeches from the Indonesian Minister of Education, Mohammad Nuh; the director of the National Library of Indonesia Dir. Sri Sularshi; and beloved IASL President, Dr. Diljit Singh.

Holding a miniature Philippine flag. Ma'am Lou David was our flag bearer.
 Keynote speech for the plenary session was given by newly elected president of IFLA, Sinikka Sipila. There were two things I got from her keynote address: the IFLA Trend Report and the three areas of focus that her leadership will address as far as school libraries are concerned. These are access, inclusion, and capacity building.

Like in any opening program, there were dances and music. Guests and participants were treated to an exotic and unique welcome of Balinese dancing. The dancers were high school seniors in Denpasar School number 3. The young men who played the music were high school seniors too. Even the hosts of the program were both seniors. I enjoyed listening to the Indonesian national anthem because of its pleasant melody but also because, it was sung by young people. How apt! Their presence amplified one of the many raison de'etre of school librarians!

With the two young Balinese host. They did a fantastic job!

You're doing something right, Indonesia! Bravo!

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