Monday, August 26, 2013

IASL 2013 Pre-Conference Workshop: School Libraries on the Agenda: An IFLA/IASL Project

The IASL 2013 Conference here in Bali hasn't kicked off yet. But I had a full morning sitting in the Pre-Conference Workshop on School Library Advocacy.

Finally, I met Dianne Oberg, Lourense Das and Luisa Marquardt whose names and professional articles I only read in the IASL mailing list and online journals. The trio handled a session on School Library Advocacy with a special input by Dr. Lesley Farmer via audio-presentation. They were all fantastic.

Lisa Marquardt is an epitome of dedication and commitment. Italian school librarians should better take care of their champion because advocates like her are rare. Dianne Oberg was quick to add and amplify points discussed during the workshop. I found Lourense Das' facilitating skills as learner centered, drawing out insights and from the participants and binding significant concepts or "take aways" at the end of the session. This reminds me of the Harkness Discussion we do in school. Inquiry is encouraged and the expression of thought processes come into play to construct and deconstruct ideas, create knowledge and further question the construct.

Rosa-Jane French, school librarian from New Zealand arranges our group's stickies.
The clamor for stronger advocacy for school libraries is not, for me, a new idea. This has been discussed in the conferences I attended in Bangkok (IFLA-UNESCO, 2002), Hong Kong (IASL, 2006). With current professional upgrades in the professionalization of librarianship in the Philippines, Filipino librarians are challenged to rise above the standards even more. There is a need to WALK the TALK; for more collaborative efforts, not just with colleagues, but with lawmakers and stakeholders.

Lastly, the workshop was the highlight of the session for me because it gave me a chance to listen to librarians from "all over". This is why I am so eager to attend the IASL again. I am hungry to join in the conversation.

Jude Gorospe's moment. Go! Filipino Librarians! Go!

I look forward to reading the revised IFLA School Library Manifesto and meeting Ross Todd, Carol Kuhlthau, Judy O'Connell and Mahdu Bhargava in person.

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