Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Launch: My Daddy! My One and Only!

I was at the The Green Spine book fair at DLSU Taft, Henry Sy Learning Commons last week. It was the re-launching of A Tale of Two Dreams and My Daddy! My One and Only! Jomike Tejido was there so after my short lecture, we had book signing.

I was so busy meeting friends I have not met in a long while that Jomike and I did not have a photo together. Nonetheless, I'm hoping this is not the last tandem guesting we will have. Despite our busy schedules, I am optimistic to plan and do a book party on our boo, My Daddy! My One and Only!

Hmm...which makes me think of visiting Mindoro this year so Bernadette Solina-Wolf and I can celebrate our book, A Tale of Two Dreams, with folks there in Mindoro.

With friends after the lecture and book launch/signing.
Thank you to DLSU Taft librarians for organizing the event, especially to Ms. Jo

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