Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Featured Filipino Librarians 2009 - 2012

Starting this year, I'll be featuring Filipino Librarians more consistently in this blog. In the past, I have written about Filipino Librarians, the work they do and the libraries they manage. The objective, at the time, was to promote librarianship and to break the traditional librarian stereotype. For 2013, readers of the blog will read about sixteen  dynamic and multi-faceted Filipino Librarians! I will not name them yet for I wish this to be a surprise.

Before I plunge into the project full steam, allow me to review the Filipino Librarians I've featured in the blog in the past three years ca. 2009 - 2012. Feel free to click the links and you will discover that librarians are far from the one dimensional stereotype that media and pop culture portray them to be.

Hermie Salazar, January 2009

Mercy Servida, August 2009

Lillian Liberty Elanzano-Ventura, November 2009

Cora Nera, February 2010

Romy Sebastian, August 2010

Mary Ann Jimenez-Salvador. April 2011

Jocelyn Ladlad, June 2011

Salvacion Dimzon, September 2011

Jude Gorospe, March 2012

Rosal Yniguez Bulaong

Apart from them, I invited many Filipino Librarians to share their reading list and library stories in previous blog projects. More of these links on fantastic Filipino Librarians in the coming weeks!

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