Monday, January 21, 2013

In Memoriam: Susima Gonzales 1928-2013

Many good things and notable achievements have been said about Madam Susima Gonzales over at Facebook since news of her passing reached the closely connected circle of Filipino Librarians. Indeed, her accomplishments are countless. She had monumental contributions to Philippine librarianship. We lose one influential and revered pioneer in the discipline.

On a personal level, I thank you, Ma'am Susi, for the advice you gave me when I was a fresh graduate from PNU eager to take the license exam for librarians. Right after my oath taking, I was brave enough to ask you of the process involved in getting my ID at the PRC for I was two years shy of the legal age to have one. You told me to be patient and to wait till I'm 21 years old to file my documents. Just a couple of years ago, you helped me once more in facilitating the renewal of my license. You know how important it was. You took my plea seriously for having a license is not merely a requirement that every Filipino librarian must posses. It is a moral obligation. Salamat po.

Colleagues will include in their roaring tributes of you how you helped build Philippine librarianship over the course of four decades. I celebrate the simple and quiet deeds you have done for me and other young Filipino librarians out there.

Rest in peace, Ma'am Susi.

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