Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prayer for the 1st Day of the Year


O God, ever blessed and eternal
I THANK you that today you have
Allowed me to begin a new year.
Here in your presence I make my
Resolutions for the days to come.
I resolve:
To be faithful and true to those who love me
And loyal to those who are my friends,
So that I may never bring distress to their hearts
To live in forgiveness and in kindness,
That I may go about doing good.
To live in goodness and purity
That I may resist temptation and
May be a strength to others who are tempted.
To live in sympathy and gentleness,
That I may bring comfort to the
Sorrowing, and understanding to the perplexed.
To live in serenity and self-control,
That no anger and no passion may
Disturb my own face and the
Peace of others.
To live in full obedience to you and
In your perfect love, that in doing
Your will I may find peace.
O God, My Father, grant me the
Strength to keep these resolutions
All this year through Jesus Christ
Our Lord.  AMEN.

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