Thursday, January 17, 2013

Information Literacy Skills Instruction at Home - Part 2

When I looked at the text she was reading online, the word radius is mentioned as a part of the bone structure of the hand and the arm. There was no definition of the word. So, logging in World Book Online, I told Zoe to go to World Book Kids. Being in grade five, World Book Student is too advanced for her to use.

The simple design of World Book Kids makes it easy for Zoe to navigate the site. Her familiarity with search boxes prompted her to type the word radius. Results came back with definitions that was not related to her search.

"Try radius, plus sign, arm, plus sign, hand." I said.

Information on the arm and hand came up. No radius.

"Let's think of related words." I said.

"Bones?" She guessed.


She typed in radius, plus sign, bones. Viola! A radius is one of two bones of the forearm.

Photo source: World Book Online for Kids

Zoe smiled knowingly at me. She said,  "Hay. Salamat at may mama akong librarian na katulad mo!"

Translation: Sigh. Good thing I have a mother who is a librarian!

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