Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Librarian Reply: Appraisal and Evaluation Tool for School Librarians

Here now is my reply to Ms. Quilantang's query on appraisal and evaluation tool for librarians and library personnel.

* Define the purpose and the objectives of the evaluation tool, as well as the procedure for the evaluation process. You may need to consult the HR Officer and speak with the Principal, or who ever your immediate supervisor is, on this matter. Performance evaluation is very much related to supervision by your Principal. The HR officer sees to it that supervision and performance evaluation procedures are implemented fairly. Meet with them first and articulate the impetus for designing an appraisal system and evaluation tool for library personnel.

* When you're given the green light by your administration, work with your co-librarians and library staff on this evaluation tool. Make it a team project. Set a strategy to finish this project that agrees to your team's context and your learning community's work culture and character.

* Always be guided by the school's VMG, in a macro level, and the library's VMG, on a micro level.

* Research, benchmark, set articulation meetings with other school librarians and/or professional librarian's group in your area. You may set standards that your region or district follow on performance appraisal and evaluation.

* Draft an evaluation tool base on your job description. You can get the rating scale used for teachers or office personnel. Check on rubric making and study how rating is done. For example, one job description is: Catalog print, AV and media resources. A rating of 5 as the highest and 1 as the lowest may be assigned to gauge the level of expertise and coverage of the task achieved in a given school year. Each rating has a qualitative description. Once the draft is done, make a proposal to your principal. A cover letter is necessary.

* Be ready for feedback. Keep an open mind.

Below is an introduction for designing a performance appraisal and evaluation tool.

This page is taken from the book, Enhancing Professional Practice by Charlotte Danielson, published by ASCD, 2007. I encourage you to get this book for the library's collection. Apart from librarian appraisals, the book fleshes out standards and evaluation measures for teachers, school nurses, IT personnel and staff support.

If you have further questions, feel free to comment.

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