Friday, January 11, 2013

Love and Filipino Librarians

In February 2011, the blog had eight Filipino librarians write about their loves: books, reading, the profession in general, the career choice they made, librarians who inspired them to be. Here are the eight who dared bare their loves and "lovers" to the blogosphere.
Dean Igor Cabbab wrote a poem in Filipino on staying in love. He has kissed his bachelor days goodbye by marrying librarian and educator Iyra Buenrostro.

Darrel Marco was at the IFLA World Conference in Helinski last year. I have a feeling this Filipino Librarian will definitely stay on.

Fe Angela Verzosa climbed a mountain to celebrate her appointment as director of DLSU Taft Library. Spunky!

Peachy Limpinis the first president of PNULISSAA, the alumni association of PNU LIS. She's one good writer. I miss reading her blog entries.

Ann Grace Bansig had the opportunity to study in Belgium a few years ago. She came back to work in a school library at DLSZ. Together with Darrel Marco, they presented a paper on DLSZ Library's Book Mobile Project at Helinski last year.

Audrey Anday is back from her two year sojourn in Europe I still have to meet her for coffee to catch up on life and librarianship. More of her adventures in Europe in future posts.

Angelic Bautista is a school librarian who is very much proud of her chosen profession.

Micaella Gonzales reviewed a book affirming that librarians are readers, indeed!

This review is made in preparation for the monthly Filipino Librarian series of 2013.

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