Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on My Book Donation Project

At the start of August, I began a campaign for a book donation project. I posted this in Facebook for local donations and registered in JustGiving for friends abroad. So far, I got book donation pledges from Gwenn Galvez of Anvil Publishing and Blooey Singson, book blogger superstar and true blue Potterite.

The books will go to Sambat Trust's current library project, the Pantay Bata Elementary School. I've been helping the UK based charity as library consultant. Though books come from generous donors abroad, the library must be stocked with enough books to meet the 1:10 ratio set by the DepEd School Library guidelines. Visit my JustGiving page and Sambat Trust's blog to see the development of the school library project there.

It's the end of August and I am still keeping it open. There are so many children out there who need books. Pitch in and help a bit! It will go along way!

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