Monday, August 15, 2011

Filipino Friday

Filipino Book Bloggers unite! See them wield power and influence at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair via the First Filipino Reader Conference. Here are details of the event from the blog -

Filipino Readers Make It Social!
The 1st Filipino Reader Conference
When: September 14, 2011, Wednesday, 1-6 PM (during MIBF)
Where: SMX Mall of Asia, Meeting Room 2

1. to provide support, instruction, and social time for book club members and book bloggers
2. to celebrate readers and reading in the Philippines
3. to promote a closer connection between readers and writers and/or publishers

Carloe Javier is the keynote speaker. Pinoy Book Bloggers (PBB) like Tarie Sabido and Charles Tan, to mention a few, are panelists.

In line with the event, the PBB's are creating noise in the blogosphere by memes, blogs and social media, of course. To start off, there's Filipino Friday where in book bloggers blog about the topic of the week. Officially, Filipino Friday is a weekly meme used by Filipino Book Bloggers to discuss more about book they read, the events and happenings that affect the world of literature. For now, as a part of an upcoming event, we are using this meme to promote the upcoming The Filipino Reader Convention on September 14 and to promote the Filipino Readers.

I'm not sure if I can go to the ReaderCon so I'll simply blog my reading habits and book choices along with the PBBs. Visit the Filipino Friday website for a list of meme topics till 14 September, 2011.

I was six years old when I read my name on the list of accepted applicants of grade one pupils. I knew then that I will be reading for life. It helped that my mother read to me as a child and that she brought home a lot of books for me to read. She did not buy them in bookstores. She borrowed them from the library. At the time, I considered it a privilege -- getting my books from the library. Ang yabang ko!

I was the only girl in class who knew Dr. Seuss and that there existed animals as big as buildings, as wide as mountains and as fierce as a pack of hyenas by the hundreds. I was friends with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I idolized Judy Blume and hated myself for not understanding Asimov's sci-fi world. I put down Bradburry in my teens to devour Sweet Valley High and the classic Newberry's. In college, I discovered Filipino writers and children's books by Filipino writers. There were so many things to know; so many things to see; so many things to experience from a book written and made by another human being who is just like me in so many ways.

Now, I know better. Having access to books and libraries is not a privilege but a right.

Now, I know better. Books, reading and libraries are a culture. It is not exclusive to one nation or elite groups of peoples.

Now, I know better. Reading is power. And those who can wield that power even has the greater responsibility to share it and empower others!

Till next Filipino Friday.

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