Saturday, September 4, 2010

Live Blogging: Klasrum Adarna - Library Hub Improvement

Adarna House celebrates its thirtieth year of being the Filipino's child's provider of his/her first books. In line with this, they have planned more projects to help the public educational system of the country. It's extending its reach and digging deep into its resources to give back and continuously make a difference.

One of these projects is the Klasrum Adarna Library Improvement Training Workshop. The DepEd Officers of the Library Hub in the National Capitol Region has graciously and willingly agreed to the partnership. From this workshop, teachers, librarians and library hub coordinators are expected to come up with exciting and enticing activities to make the lib hub in their school alive and kicking.

A few weeks back, I set up a working outline for today's workshop. On the last minute, I changed it entirely because I realized that I need to meet the lib hub personnel of each school where they are currently at. Back to the basics. The previous outline is something I can articulate with the lib hub administrators. For today's participants, I'm giving then a KISS - Keep It Sweet and Simple.

Topics for discussion this morning will include the following: Reading and the Library, Roles of Libraries and Librarians, Models of Library Operations, Activities to Promote Books, Reading and the Library. In the afternoon, we will have a workshop on concerete activities that can be done.

Ms. Digna Aquino of the Pasig Library Hub and Mr. Troy Lacsamana of the Quezon City Public Library will be providing real life success stories of library activities they've done for their library clients.

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