Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Filipino Librarians: Librarians of the NLP

Kudos to the librarians of the Filipiniana and Rare Book Collection of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP). The privileged viewing they afforded the PBBY of rare Rizaliana was an awe inspiring experience.

From L-R Ms. Rosette Crelencia; Ms. Malou Go; my daughter, Zoe who wants to be a nurse, a librarian and a writer when she grows up; and Mr. Narciso Cruz.

The PBBY went to see Jose Rizal's manuscripts -- the two novels, The Monkey and the Tortoise, his travel journals, Mi Ultimo Adios (which was written by hand on thin paper like tissue), Makamisa and more journals where his sketches and doodles appeared -- in line with the celebration of our National Heroes' sesquicentennial next year. PBBY is going Rizaliana for the 2011 National Children's Book Day!
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