Saturday, September 4, 2010

Live Blogging: Madame Digna Aquino, Library Hub Coordinator

Retirement for Madame Digna Aquino was the next step after years of teaching in basic education. Destiny has other plans though. She was assigned as coordinator of the Pasig Library Hub just when she was about to throw in the towel. She was hesitant, of course. She's a teacher, not a librarian. What does she know of library management, cataloging and the technical job of a librarian? A true public servant, she accepted the job despite her fears. With enough courage, a set of leadership skills and "abilidad", she was able to seek support from the local government unit and make the Pasig Library Hub the exemplar for DepEd's project on literacy development.

I was amazed at her sprite and spunk. She has indeed made the library hub in Pasig City a living library. By developing linkages and networking, she was able to make things happen -- storytelling sessions and contests abound, donations for library furniture and library manpower came her way, political and administrative support were never wanting. The result was the participation of library clients, students, teachers and parents in making the library hub a busy center of reading and literacy activities.

Now, as participants break for lunch, I turn to the processing of Madame Digna Aquino's input. Later, they will share and articulate answers to questions I wanted them to reflect on. Speaking for myself, I could only wish for the ideal. How great it would be if all librarians innately posses the leadership skills or are trained to become leaders in their field! Impossible I know. But thanks to all the Digna Aquinos out there for showing us that dreams can be actualized. Librarian or not, we all can learn from her experience and example.

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