Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 MIBF Highlights

Despite the fury of flu and other viral infections, Zoe and I went to the Manila International Book Fair for pleasure and yes, business. She had fun and so did I.

Zoe met one of her favorite writers, Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. The good doctor gave her a free copy of his new book, Aha! May Allergy Ka Aala! (Aha! So, You Have Allergies!). She truly appreciated the gift. She was cradling and hugging the book till she got home that night. She particularly loved the special dedication for which Dr. Gatmaitan is known for doing to fans, family and friends. It read --

Bawal magka-allergy ang cute na kagaya mo. Kailan ko ulti mababasa ang bago mong kwento? Please write (and draw) some more.

With love, Tito Dok

Earlier that afternoon, I met with the PBBY board for a viewing of rare Rizaliana at the National Library of the Philippines. Zoe tagged along. There she met Dr. Gatmaitan. She was starstruck! What she remembered so well was Dr. Gatmaitan's dedication for them, she and her older sibling, Nico, on the book I bought for them by the good doctor a few years back. That book was Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel (Raquel's Amazing Hair) where Dr. Gatmaitan wrote that like Raquel's amazing hair, she and Nico have an amazing mother! How sweet!

Zoe also showed her comic books and stories with drawings to Dr. Gatmaitan. Thus his dedication to keep writing and drawing.

On that same day, I went to the Anvil booth to get a complimentary copy of After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy. Now I have something to give away as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

This year's book fair was indeed a delight to us, common folks. Yet, I could not help but comment how commercial it has all become. I discovered books so expensive I can get them at 100% less online! There were so many book launches as well for writers new and old! Vee Press and C&E Logic launched their eBooks. Seminars and lectures were all well attended and everyone, book lovers, readers and dreamers, vendors and sellers had their fill.

Congrats to one and all! Until next year! See you at the fair!
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