Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live Blogging: SAS HSBC Kinder K(C)ollege Conference

I'm emceeing for Day 2 of Sa Aklat Sisikat's Kinder K(C)ollege Conference. Ms. Germs Salumbides, educator and consultant, facilitated an engaging session on Piaget and basic educational theories earlier. Now, the participants are doing small group discussions on the theories, both psychological and philosophical that has an implication in education specially, preschool level. What's effective about Ms. Germs is her practical approach to teaching backed up by theories.

Some ideas I got from her this morning --

Teach kids how to think so they can READ. Teach them how to THINK so they can read.

TV is the biggest stumbling block in symbolization. It discourages hypothesis building. Hypothesizing is essential to critical thinking.

The most human act is hypothesizing.

There are many ways to teach reading.

Use the child's vocabulary if coverage of textbook is far from his or her own experience.

The SAS- HSBC Kinder K(C)ollege Conference supports the DepEd's preschool program. The participants are fifty preschool teachers from selected public schools in the National Capitol Region (NCR).

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MRWED said...

I am so interested to read more about "teach kids how to think so they can READ" Do you have any more posts about this topic?

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