Saturday, September 4, 2010

Live Blogging: Wanted 105 Librarians

The day has come to an end. We're saying our goodbyes but participants will go back to the training hall next Saturday, 11 September for another workshop by Klasrum Adarna. Troy Lacsamana ended the day with activities and library initiatives they do in the Public Library System.

What made the afternoon interesting was the presence of Madame Beverly Gonda, Project Manager of DepEd Library Hub. She answered most of the questions that cloud the participants' mind. The presence of licensed librarians is a demand. The news is, since 2007, 105 job openings for librarians to man the hubs was made. The problem is, there are no applicants. Starting salary is salary grade twelve. The question now is this -- who is willing and committed to work in the public school system particularly in the DepEd?


Anonymous said...

Gud pm Mam, How much is that Salary Grade 12 equivalent. May I ask also what is the standard Salary Grade for School Librarian 1 and is it true that it is one step higher than a teacher 1..where can we find such documents...Thank you

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

I have no idea. But a salary grade 8 employee is getting around 8-10K. So add a few thousands, say 12-15K, maybe. Better to check DepEd or Civil Service. I could be wrong.

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