Saturday, August 22, 2009

Second Day in Capul

The first day of the SAS Teacher Training Workshop here in Capul, Northern Samar folded up two hours ago. It had been a very fruitful day. The teachers of Capul are responsive and eager to learn. They're work ethic and self esteem are very high. What's more, they came wearing their yellow t-shirt that says: I'm Proud To Be A Teacher!

It's been a tiring day for me considering that I was restless last night. It was so warm. I made a mistake not to remind Cats to request for a generator. People in town depend on solar energy. Electrical power begins at 4PM and ends at 12 midnight. Now we all know better.

The venue for the training is in the newly constructed municipal hall which is just across the 16th century church built by the Jesuits. The name of the parish is St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish but is being run by the Catarman Diocese. I was amazed at the fortress like structure. According to Kagawad Marlon, the church was a "balwarte" and watch tower during the Spanish period. On September 14, the church will be instituted as a historic site by the National Historical Commission. Ambeth Ocampo will be present to grace the occasion. We hope to hear mass there tomorrow.

Another site we hope to visit before we leave for Manila is the lighthouse or parola. It was built by the Americans and was used during during World War II to help ships and the US Navy navigate its way into Leyte Gulf. There is more to Capul than meets the eye. Apart from these historic sites, its people are its real treasure. Their language is very unique to the region. An anthropological restoration is in the works. Tomorrow, I'll be conducting the session on Experience Stories. Talk about right timing!

Since yesterday, we had to contend ourselves wading in the pool tides. Not bad at all. It's very relaxing actually. Late this afternoon, Cats, Jojo and I did our debriefing by the shore. Once we're done, we hit the sea to wade in the low tide. The twilight view was magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zarah,

this is the correcty url for the link

and ang ganda ng travel mo ngayon. Sana mai post mo ri2 ang design na i am proud to be a teacher para i repost ko rin sa blog ko

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

got it right :-)

deped said...

Hi Zarah,

can you please delete the comment related to the link before


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