Monday, August 3, 2009

Carlo J. Caparas, National Artist

If you believe otherwise, there is an online petition for Carlo J. Caparas as an unqualified National Artist.

If you are ready to make a stand, go to Petition Online.

I'm signatory no. 628.


Peachy said...

Sabi nya Zarah deserving daw sya e, according to FPJ 'LOL'

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

hay, we live in a banana republic. the country is crying over cory's death while our artists are crying over carlo :-D

Anonymous said...

i'm ashamed to be a filipino...i am disgusted offended enraged pissed off and sick of being associated with anything 'pinoy'. the government, the mentality, the whole damn culture has taken a turd for the worst... ofw's make us richer only to empower people like gloryhole arroyo and her administration of talking monkeys to make monkeys out of all of us. you are what you eat and todays special is 'shit'.

Anonymous said...

i’m ashamed enraged disgusted and filled with anger and hatred at how the arroyo government manipulates every facet of filipino society by shoving down our throats their crap, their will, their arrogance, and their bad taste AD NAUSEAM…SHAME ON YOU CARLO CAPARAS! THAT HONOR IS RESERVED FOR PERSONS MORE DESERVING THAN YOURSELF! IF YOU HAD ANY INTEGRITY, IF THERE WAS ANY TRUTH IN YOU, YOU WOULD NOT ACCEPT THIS SHAM! SHAME ON YOU GLORIA ARROYO!!! FOR PERPETRATING YET ANOTHER SHAM!!! VOX POPULI VOX DEI! NOT GLORIA ARROYOS!!! SIC SEMPER TYRANUS!!!

Probe_CJC said...


Protesta nanaman!?

pati ba sa mga parangal?

Ano na ba ang bago sa bayan na to?

Kung wala kayong matibay na ebidensya na mapapakita sa amin na "DAYAAN" ang lahat nang nangyari, eh mamundok nalang kayo mga DIKTADOR!!!

igor said...

He didn't draw.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was joke but i learned now that its true.

could somebody please simplify it for the rest of us why he deserved to be national artist?

what makes him stand-out from other nominees?

Anonymous said...

Probe_CJC aka Carlo Caparas, dun sa kabila din pinagtatanggol mo ang sarili mo. Konting delikadesa naman.

xine said...

I remember reading an anecdote in a book about Philippine Cinema regarding Director Carlo J. Caparas, during filming an actress in one of his massacre flicks told him that there needs to be a blood stain since she has been stabbed and the future National "Ughtist" replied "we'll add it during post production." end result= a blob of red following the actress around the screen. I watched him in Media in Focus, he was very dismissive of the so called elitist critics and academics, he was adamant in claiming that just because he chose comics and that comics are not considered serious literature he's being discriminated against, I beg to differ.. I believe that it it because he has not shown the level of artistic integrity expected of a National Artist. As he himself admitted, he gave up "serious writing" in favor of comics for monetary gain (I'm paraphrasing here)since he can churn comics out at a greater rate. I think that just shows how much artistic integrity this person has. I do not think he is deserving of the honor, lauding him as a National Artist cheapens the honor for past and future recipients. People who have held on to their artistic ideals and resisted pandering have made a multitude of sacrifices, after all it is infinitely more lucrative to appeal to the lowest common denominator, which is not to say that art is something only the upper classes can truly appreciate. I believe true art can be appreciated by everyone and anyone. Please do not cheapen this honor by giving it to Carlo J. Caparas, do not add insult to injury

probe.cjc said...

Read the truth!
Share the truth!
No to F*cking Protesters!
Hindi to EDSA!

the barefoot baklesa said...

having a legitimate national artist for a mentor, I cannot accept this kind of insult to the work my mentor put in all his life...

someone like Carlo J. Caparas ought to have a humility about himself...or at least have the decency of self introspection...and he may find out that he's not all that...

latittude said...

yes this is not EDSA, ur right.
but this is also a forum.

i believe this is not an issue of whether CJC is deserving or not, but an issue of "policitcians meddling with affairs of artists".
can't we just leave arts to artists and politics to politicians?

i think the congress has to remove presidential prerrogative in National Artist selection. we have a national committee for the selection; they are the experts and there is a process in selection. otherwise, why don't the palace abolish this committee and just choose for themselves who they want for the awards. even the committee director was surprised with the CJC inclusion because he has been dropped by the committee, that means CJC has not yet proven himself to the industry according to standards set by the selection committee.

out of DELIKADESA, CJC must not accept the was tainted with politics!

Anonymous said...

Lunotzky (18:37:08) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

Hindi lang si Carlo Caparas (self proclaim komiks king) ang nobelista na hindi nakatapos ng mataas ng pinag aralan. “MARS RAVELO” didn’t also have a high education but his legendary works and contribution in the art industry was super eminent. Ang nakakalungkot matagal na siyang yumao, pero hanggang ngayon hindi man lang siya nabibigyan ng tamang recognition, habang ang masang Pilipino ay patuloy na pinapasaya ng kanyang mga walang kamatayang kwento. Mga nobela at kwento na mamanahin pa at paglilibangan ng susunod pang mga henerasyon. Mga kwentong pantasya nagpapakinang ng mata ng mga bata noon at ngayon.

Mula dito sa US, nakakalungkot na ganito na kasama ang gobyerno at pulitika sa ating bansa. Ang kabulukan ay wala ng pinipili maging ang mundo ng mga tunay na mga “artist”. Wala na bang maisip ang gobyernong Arroyo na maging ang pagpili ng Comiks King ang pinipili nila ay yung mga gumagawa ng mga masacre movie?

Kung hindi kayang pakainin ng gobyerno ang mga milyong batang Pilipino na nagugutom habang nagdi dinner sila sa New York ng halagang $20.000, sana bigyan nyo naman ng recognition ang isang tao na nagbigay ng sobrang saya sa mga bata at masang Pilipino. At yan ay si MARS RAVELO.



Anonymous said...

Ako ay Pilipino at hindi ko naman ikinahihiya iyon.

Hindi ako sang ayon na sa ngayong panahon maging national artist na si Carlo Caparas. Sana yung ibang mas karapat-dapat ang inunang gawin. Kung talagang natatangi ang kanyang talento/kakayahin/kagalingan, darating din ang tamang panahon para sya ay gawaran, at taghaling national artist sa takdang araw. Hindi ko naman sinasabing wala syang karapatan maging national artist, pero sana hintayin nya ang oras nya siguro naman sa mga panahong arating makakagawa sya ng mga obra na talagang ikararangal nya.

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