Friday, August 14, 2009

Fresh Produce! Philippine Children's Literature 2009

Last July 21, 2009, new titles of children's books were announced and launched to the public. Here are the titles from Adarna House, Anvil Publishing and Bookmark. Do you have them in your library yet? The 30th Manila International Book Fair is fast approaching so you still have time to acquire copies. Or better still, contact the publisher now!

Tominaman Sa Rogong Becomes a Painter
Retold by: Felice Prudentia Sta. Maria
Illustrated by: Brian Vallesteros

Wigan Becomes a Sculptor
Retold by: Felice Prudentia Sta. Maria
Illustrated by: Robbie Bautista

Story by: Catherine Untalan, Reena Rae de Leon Sarmiento, Mae Astrid Tobias
Illustrated by: Zeus Bascon

Ako si Kaliwa, Ako si Kanan
Written by: Russell Molina
Illustrated by: Ibarra Crisostomo

Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu!
Written by: Nanoy Rafael (2008 PBBY Salanga Prize Winner)
Illustrated by: Sergio Bumatay III (2008 PBBY Alcala Prize Winner)

Just Add Dirt
Written by: Becky Bravo
Illustrated by: Jason Moss

Grand Parade
Written by: Carla Pacis and Nanoy Rafael
Illustrated by: Marcus Nada

Non-Fiction; Science Reference:

Can We Live on Mars
Text by: Gidget Roceles – Jimenez
Illustrations by: Bru

YA Novel:

Author: Aneka Rodriguez
Illustrator: Mitzi Villavecer


Heaven’s Butterfly
Written by: Cathy and Pia B. Guballa
Illustrated by: Frances Alcaraz

Some Women
Written by: Bunny Ty
Book design by: Beaulah Pedragosa Taguiwalo

A Time for Dragons (An Anthology of Draconic Fiction)
Edited by: Vincent Michael Simbulan
Illustrations by: Andrew Drilon


Category: Modern Heroes for the Filipino Youth

Musician for the Filipino Church
Written by: Lin Acacio Flores
Illustrated by: Jomike Tejido

The Reluctant Hero
Written by: Lin Acacio Flores
Illustrated by: Jerome Jacinto

A Life with the Poor
Written by: Didith Tan Rodrigo
Illustrated by: Mheri-Ann Andes

Category: Great Men and Women of Asia – Children’s Series

The Public’s Servant
Written by: Didith Tan Rodrigo
Illustrated by: Kaecee Salvador

Lub - Dub, Lub - Dub
Written by: Russell Molina
Illustrated by: Jomike Tejido


mariancalago said...

wow.. bago yan ah...
but if you are looking for college or gradeschool reference books. just contact me.,hhhehe

I am currently working at CD BOOKS INT'L. cebu based pero meron dn kame sa manila branch....

HI zarah.... cynsya na if i ask again about link exchange.. . I was just wondering if what keyword or name na naka list po dito... I just love your blog lang po. thanks...

nasa blogroll ko po pala nakalagay ung link mo.

JS Huntlands said...

Set in today’s day and time, Me and My Best Friend is about a young boy, his faithful companion and their exciting adventures.

Henry and Liam are the best of friends and they do everything together. They can run and play all day long. But when Henry the puppy gets tired and tries to take a nap, three-year-old Liam keeps waking him, wanting him to play some more. Will Henry get any rest?

Get your children involved with this beautifully illustrated book. Your child will love to match up words and pictures, and find Liam, who keeps hiding in his bedroom. Perfect for the young reader!

About the Author

J.S. Huntlands is the author of Nick Twisted Minds and is currently working on more books in this series, as well as 23 more books in the Me and My Best Friend series. Huntlands is a full-time writer, as well as a mom to a wonderful four-year-old boy. This book is dedicated to her son in hopes that he never forgets his best friend.

Tarie said...

Thank you very much for this list, Zarah! I am now officially on the hunt for Displaced by Aneka Rodriguez. :o)

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

tarie - it's only the first set. more to come!

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