Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Shot: Children's & YA Literature in Southeast Aisa

Chasing Ray looks into the scene of Children's Literature and Young Adult Literature in Southeast Asia.

Local books like KUTING's Bagets, Pacis' OFW and Owl Friends received relatively good reviews while my post about Dr. Gatmaitan was linked as well. The more interesting news is the host of books written for kids and teens in the region. Through blogs and blogging, stories cross cultures and cuts barriers. Advocates in the discipline should do a lot of projects such as this.


Shadows of ME said...

Wow. THis is a good news. I love your blog because I also assigned in the Library before when I was still in college. I learned to love and to care books which I did not do before.

Can we exchange links? if its ok for you with my blog?
Shadows of me

mariancalago said...

pls let me know if its ok for you if we can exchange links? salamat po.
this is my blog:

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

marian and shadows, go ahead! thanks for the link love :-)

mariancalago said...

Hi Grace,

Na link na po kita sa shadows of me..
pls link me too here..

thanks again.

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

ok. thanks. and call me zarah :-)

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