Friday, August 7, 2009

Qualifying The Unqualified

This blog's traffic stats are in an all time high. Thanks to Cory and Carlo. It is the Carlo J. Caparas post that got the most comments though and I don't remember getting strong reactions to my posts until the National Artist hullabaloo came along.

While I found some replies very uncouth and lacking of finesse, I left the comments for democracy. I believe in freedom of expression. Besides, I've learned from a previous life that control will only make a beast out of a man. I dare not make the same mistake again.

So, in the spirit of freedom and democracy I stand by my belief that Carlo J. Caparas is undeserving of the National Artist award. Due process was not observed on his selection. Caparas has earned merits for his work and his contributions to Philippine pop culture is recognized by his peers in the industry. Yet, Caparas did not go through a screening process that was fair and square.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yes, Carlo J Caparas is not's a mockery to the artist's world...Him being chosen is absurd...not because someone knows how to draw does not qualify him to be an "artist" how much more the "national artist". the word artist must not be regarded as shallow as that...there's a much differ meaning attached to that word...a random splash of paint by a house painter does not necessarily qualify him to be called as an artist as regard Kandinsky...or Jackson Pollock..."NATIONAL ARTIST" award is not merely an's a "big thing" to be dealt with...MAAWA NAMN TAYO SA BANSA NATIN...!!!!

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