Saturday, September 1, 2007

With The Filipino Librarian

There were a good number of Filipino Librarians in my panel discussion last August 30, 2007, Thursday at the Manila International Book Fair. We had our pictures taken and I'm hoping one of them nice people would send me a copy. I did not bring a digicam, sadly. But, I have a Macbook with built in camera via Photo Booth.

So here is a picture of me and Von, Filipino Librarian after a very ligt mereinda at

My stint and visit at the Manila Internation Book Fair this year was very brief. Unlike in previous years when I would be there for days and would spend time, money and effort selecting books for my own perusal and enjoyment, I am low key this year due to work responsibilities and professional endeavors. The short trip to the fair was enough to touch base with friends in the industry though. I was able to make new connections nonetheless. Networking is very important for the job and I think, I've done fairly well on this area.

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Chris Pangilinan said...

Hi there! This is Christian Pangilinan from Vibal Foundation. We are currently in need of a librarian. Hope you could tell this to your friend or refer someone to us. They could send their resumes to You can reach me at numbers 416-8460 or 0906-3817889.

Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you.


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