Sunday, September 16, 2007

Filipino Blograrians: Blogging Mafia on the Rise (?)

Trust Von to stir things up in the mundanely quiet world of librarianship in the Philippines. And don't be surprised if four more Filipino librarians and an ardent reader-writer who have blogs join Von in brewing up a new concoction in the already muddled and intrigue ladden universe known as the blogosphere. The idea is for all of us to keep writing about the profession and related fields. With talk of putting up an aggregator or syndication, the blograrians present at last Saturday's EB, September 15, 2007 at A Different Bookstore in Serendra were all up for the challenge.

Igor is beginning to refocus his smorgasboard with a bent on LIS related topics. Arnold has declared the meeting as historic because, librarians who write and blog are finally taking a more active role in making the profession visible in the blogosphere. I'm sure Igor has a lot to write about now that he is back teaching in college. His observation on the polarity of tech skills of his LIS students would make for an interesting post. Arnold's tech news are worth reading for librarians to be updated in this area. More and more, we're being eaten by the "computer people". What they can do, we can do better actually. Unless, politics come into play at the work place. Now, that's a topic I can write with sass and class this time around.

Juned's book reviews and socio-polital commentaries are insightful. Charles' variety of posts on books, literature and media make for a good source for librarians taking stock of the collection. As for Von, he is the Filipino Librarian. What more can I say, but AMEN!

So, we'll see where we'll end up. Hopefully not in a quandary of controversies that seem to rock Filipino bloggers of late. Librarians are quiet little people, really. Besides, there is enough conflict in this world and there is so much love to go around. If I were you, I say you choose the later and love your librarian back!

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