Saturday, September 8, 2007

Filipina Librarians: Chona De Jesus & Ellen Floro

I met Chona De Jesus today. Chona is the librarian for the Magsaysay Training Center. It is a company specilaizing on the training of maritime personnel and Chona has the task of serving their information and training needs. She invited me to do a storytelling sesion for children of the company's employees. The activity was in line with their READiscovery Program which is aimed at developing the reading habits of children and adults.

According to her, it was a kick off activity to further promote the library and the culture of reading in the company. I also met her boss, Ms. Grace Cabilatazan, who is a self confessed reader and book lover. She is putting importance on the company's library as hub and source of skills, competence and knowledge. Such support for the librarina will go a long way.

Chona's sister, Ellen Floro is like her, a librarian. Both are graduates of the Philippine Normal Univeristy. Chona finished her degree in 1990, while Ellen graduated in the year 1995.

In our brief "chikahan", I learned how many librarians are leaving the Philippines for better working opportunities and economic conditions abroad. It really is a decision. In this globally competitive world, lines, boarders and divisions are little things that matter. One's identity, level of competence and skill make all the big difference.

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Anonymous said...

Ellen Floro is a good friend. And i miss her so so much. We haven't talked since she left the country. Do you know how I can get in touch with her?

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