Sunday, September 30, 2007

How is the School Librarian Perceived

I met with a good writer friend yesterday and, as friends always do, we had great conversations. Here's a slice of the many things we talked about that made me wonder and struck me as really something relevant.

Writer Friend; Hey, your TLA (top level admnistrator) gave me a call asking me for a resource on ******** for a particular grade level.

Me: Oh.

WF: I wasn't able to recommend one. I was in the middle of something besides. But I will send an email.

Me: Uhum...

WF: Well, shouldn't all elementary schools begin with storytelling and move on to complex oral langauge skills as students move up the grades?

Me: Yes, of course. When did you got the call?

WF: Last week, anyway, you're the librarian. You know what to do. Then again, I need to give my reply anytime soon.

I will not stop my friend from giving her list of resources, definitely I know it will help the person in need. But, as a librarian who knows what to do (thanks to you, my dear writer friend for the confidence), I will also provide a plethora of resources on the topic in question. Again, this is one of those opportunities where in a librarian can showcase both skill and competence on the delivery of information and the knowledge of content. Now, even if the person in need of the resource and the information is a mere teacher or a simple grade school student, I will do the same to assist and lead them.

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