Saturday, September 15, 2007

Live Blogging : Pinoy Biblioblogosphere

Male Librarians and Friend. Clockwise: Von; Juned; Arnold; Igor; and Charles Tan.

Finally. The boys are here. I am the only rose among the thorns and it's my job to live blog. Hmmm... is it because I'm a girl? I feel so like Hermione Granger at the moment. But this does not happen everyday, so it's OK.

Kidding aside, I'm the one with a laptop. I'm the only practicing librarian in the bunch, the only female librarian so, there. We all have blogs and it's blogging that has brought us together this afternoon. There are interesting topics of conversation moving around. Such unbloggable "tsismis" I do not intend to mention. There is enough trouble in this world and all I want is peace. Ahaha! Miss Congeniality, present!

Igor is currently teaching at the UP SLIS with a full load, mind. He does some consulting job as web developer in the corporate arena. Arnold is in records management at the Asian Development Bank. Juned is in indexing and abstracting. He's had success in problogging and is continuously growing in that area. Geez, it's the "raket" I want to have! Charles is not a librarian by academic preparation and occupation, but he is among "us" because he is a friend of the library.

When Von posted the announcement for this EB, he wanted to know how big the Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere is. Well, people present this afternoon gives Von a good picture on the size of this PBB (Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere).


Anonymous said...

It was nice to have finally met you Zarah G. Implement mo na yung TLA and go into paid writing gigs na.

You certainly have a place in the paid blogging industry.

igor said...

Ampopogi pala nung nasa pic. :D

Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

arnold, i'm having problems with TLA. see the html code above, right side.

igor, hindi na kita kokontrahin. mahirap na,,,

Anonymous said...

this might help Zarah:

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