Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pinoy Bibliobloggers' Mafia on the Move

Bibliothecarii bloggers. Hmm... I like the sound of that. Though my online dictionary did not turn out any result for the meaning of the first word. Anyhoo, here's a round up of of posts from the guys.

Von raised some questions and pondered as to why I was the only female blograrian present in the EB. Juned coined the term I used to start this post, while Charles promised to do a weekly post on library related stuff every Monday. Igor and Arnold summarized the meeting and the topics discussed last Saturday, 15 September, 2007.

A good start, I suppose. I wonder if other female blograrians will join the group sooner or latter. It is in times like this that I miss Peachy Limpin the most.

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