Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live Blogging @ Apple Camp : Podcast Using Garage Band

I jus finished a voice recording in Garage Band. After uploading to iTunes, I went to and have it uploaded there too. I can't get the conversion code for html tag yet so it will be in a while till my first post on a podcast that I made. I was able to take pictures of myslef though. It's so vain of me to post here, but I can't help myself!

Dreamy me. Fascinated at the sophisticated software by Apple. My mind is racing at the many ways Apple can do to help the teacher deliver his lessons. iMacs in the library? Hmm...

A little bit confused here. I'm on my way to geekdom!

For the past two days, we've been immersed in Apple-landia. As in all journeys, one closes and the next unfolds. It is what lies ahead that is a far greater challenge.

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