Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alitaptap Poster Design Contest

Here's a little push for friends in Alitaptap.

We are once again seeking assistance from illustrators who are willing to provide us illustrations for poster designs to be used in our storytelling competitions for 2007. We are launching this search through a small poster design competition opened to all illustrators.

Here are the details of the design contest. Please email if you need more info. Thanks for your interest in joining. We are excited to see your entries.

1. You may submit as many entries as you want.
2. Poster theme should be included in the design.
3. Submit artwork – layout must be digital, layered, photoshop, corel, freehand, illustrator. 300dpi resolution, size must be 18x24 inches.
4. Contents of the poster is attached. If you received this through a forwarded message, you may ask for info from alitaptap_storytellers@yahoo.com.
5. Actual poster size is 18 x 24 so the texts in the poster may be adjusted to make them proportionate to the poster size.
6. Included in the design are:

For our general poster. Theme: "Pag Binasa ni Tatay, Mga Kuwento'y Nabubuhay."

Must have a father holding a book while telling a story to his kid(s) in a place of illustrator's choice.

For our Inter-College Competition:
Must include a standing teenage guy/girl holding a book while telling a story to a group of kids.

Four our Children's Competition:
Must include a standing little boy/girl holding a book while telling a story to a group of kids with some adults.

CD copy of design must be submitted to:

Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines
c/o Melanie Abad-Ramirez
The National Library of the Philippines
TM Kalaw, Metro Manila

Deadline for submission: June 4, 2007.

From the entries, we will select one design for each competition.

The winner is expected to make all necessary changes, revisions, etc. for the production of the poster.


1. Name of Artist as Grand Prize Winner of 2007 Alitaptap Poster Design Competition shall be included in the poster design.
2. The winner will receive P3,000 in cash. P2,000 shall be awarded upon announcement. And the balance of P1,000 shall be awarded after the completion of the printing of the poster.
3. An Alitaptap medallion shall be awarded to the winners during the Grand Finals of the Inter-College Competition.

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