Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CPE & Professional Standards for Librarians

Last April 18, in a seminar sponsored by the
, Prof. Cora Nera discussed the history, context and issues surrounding the Continuing Professional Education for Librarians. It was to me a very interesting point of discussion because, the CPE would ensure a high level of professionalism among librarians. It would inspire and motivate librarians to become learners for life. This would implicate that librarians are a valuable professional in the community and to the society at large.

There was, however, a silent disquiet among the participants when the list of requirements was presented. It seemed impossible to attain only if a librarian considered herself a technician, a clerk or a paraprofessional. The work and expectations in the list are being done by professional librarians already. It is only a matter of time for one to organize and define the required task to meet the standard.

Speaking of standards, it was good to know that library groups were able to identify and articulate professional standards. The school library standards, however, is in a state of dissonance. Public school librarians and private school librarians differ in their perception of roles and responsibilities. How then can the divide be narrowed?

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