Thursday, May 31, 2007

Librarian Mothers

I grew up with a librarian mother. Bosom friends know too well how my mother influenced me to become like her, a librarian. Though she steered me to the path of corporate librarianship, I found my bearing on school and children's library service. As to that, I credit my other mother in the profession for showing me the possibility of growing in this track of librarianship. Dr. Mary Orendain of the PNU University Library is my role model. You might wonder who then is my inspiration to pursue ICT in application to school library services. She is none other than Dir. Lou David of the Rizal Library of the Atene De Manila.

I have written a post about my mothers in life and in librarianship a few years back when my blog was barely a year old. Check it here if you wish.

I remember them again with fondness and honor because they have made their presence felt this month of mothers and flowers in my very busy and complicated lifestyle. I take it as a reminder to go slow; to pause; and to examine my priorities.

Dr. Orendain visited me yesterday to personally deliver a token. I was touched by the gesture. So, I returned the respect she deserve by giving her a tour of our library and buying her something in return. Not too much of an amount but enough to let her know that I appreciated her going out of the way to see me. Talk of the present and future status of school librarianship in the country was inevitable. She encouraged me to finish my graduate degree in time for an opening to teach at PNU. Before she left, she reminded me that we must work on a book project together.

Move two weeks earlier and you would have found me at the Rizal Library paying a courtesy call to Dir. David. She was her usual unselfish self. The IL Module for the 11 Public Schools in Quezon City is nearly done. All that's left is its implementation. It was a project she began two years ago and I wa sone of the witnesses to its conception. She lent me some materials that she knew would be very helpful to my advocacy.

In the middle of May, I received text messages from my mother raving about the talk that she attended. She just had an insightful morning with our school director as part of an in-service training session provided for new administrators in her new job. In our exchange of SMS, I was affirmed how lucky I am to be in Xavier School. I am now beginning to see a different perspective to my job as middle level manager. Her advice gave me sanity. We may have our own differences in life and in librarianship, but she will always be my mother.

In time, I will assume a colleague level with Dr. Orendain and Dir. David. But, just like my own mother, they will remain my teachers forever.


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