Tuesday, May 29, 2007

IASL Matters

With my membership renewed in IASL, I'm now eligible to vote for the new set of officers. Dr. Diljit Singh and James Henri are both in the running for IASL President. Both have been to Manila to help with projects on IL and school library development. I'm positive that whoever gets elected will continue on with the progressive means by which IASL delivers support for school librarians all over the world.

The newsletter that IASL sent provides information on all candidates. Gerry Brown's article on his visit here in Manila was also included as well as pictures of wonderful Filipino Librarians he interacted with. For this year's annual IASL conference in Taipe, IT and School Libraries take the limelight with the theme, Cyberspace, D-World, E-Learning : Giving Libraries and Schools the Cutting Edge.

For more infromation on the conference visit the IASL website.

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