Thursday, June 2, 2005

School Library Blogs

How many school libraries in the Philippines have a blog? Xavier School's Grade School library has!

The blog still has to be launched. Here is an excerpt from the proposal:

In schools, the school librarians take on this delicate role. They have to deal with a more special client – teachers and students. As articulated in the UNESCO/IFLA School Library Manifesto, “The school library equips students with life-long learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens”, librarians must inevitably collaborate with teachers to make this manifest.

A school librarian-created blog is like an agent that feed teachers with online resources that are essential to making instruction engaging and student centered. It can furnish the classroom teacher with current trends, updates, news and views on education in general and teaching in particular. Through this, school librarians are helping teachers teach better. After all, both are concerned with student learning.
For students, a school librarian- created blog is a tool that enhances learning acquired from the classroom. The skills and knowledge they learn in the classroom is put into practice in actual and practical situations. Using the many resources and materials in the school library is one example where students apply these skills and concepts. A more concrete example is when students use an encyclopedia or locating a topic in an online database to complete a term paper or project. Another good example to amplify this learning process further, is when students borrow on their own initiative, a book, an AV material or multimedia to fill gaps in their learning and make connections with in their own experiences.

The school librarian- created blog functions as an agent and communication tool geared towards learning and instruction

I will be posting about further developments on this project.


rolly said...

I assume you;d be writing and managing that library blog, right? Hye, that's a neat idea. Not only will you serve your school better but the community as well. That is if you do open your school library to the community.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting in it. Appreciate it a lot.

eruannie said...

tito rolly! thanks fro dropping by! a school - community tie up is something we've been thinking about since last year. we actually have donated books in a barangay library in pasig.

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