Wednesday, June 22, 2005


As enrichment to my GS LRC orientation, I asked my grade 7 students to write a three paragrpah reflection about their school library. In the activity, they thought of a metaphor for teh GS LRC to fully illustrate its rle to their student life. Most have interesting comparisons.

For the next few days, I will be featuring their works in my blog and in the GS LRC's blog. Here are two excerpts from the many submissions I received through XS ELF (in-house courseware).

The library is food waiting to be eaten. All the available information inside it will be useless if not used just like food that gets rotten when not eaten. If we use the information that the library provides nothing will be wasted and knowledge will be given to us.

Knowledge is something that is priceless. It cannot be bought or stolen but it could be obtained by the proper use of information.
Food cannot be digested without chewing and swallowing it just as a library's information cannot be obtained without reading and researching.

Walter Cheng

What is a library? To me a library is a vast forest of information . Why do I say so? It is a forest that has trees with interesting topics such as Science, Math, Fiction, etc. They make up a sprawling forest. The leaves in my "topic trees" are resource books which make up the interesting topics. The undiscovered species, plants and animals are the books I have not read waiting to be discovered and studied. The weather however is my mood as I walk in the library. For example, if I would like to read a scary story the weather in my forest of information is a cold chilly night. If I want to cheer myself up or just relax, I go for the light and entertaining books such as comics like "Lao Fu Zi" (chinese comics).

The library is a place where you can learn new things. For example you could learn about history, sports, science, etc. with the help of newspapers, novels, encyclopedias,etc. You can use the library for your research and studies. You can always access learning programs and sites where you can find useful information . It is also a place where you can have the peace you want while learning new things.

These are some of the many things that come to my mind when I think of a library.That's why I think that the library is a vast forest of information. For every "tree topic", a branch of knowledge is always available where there are leaves of information I can always pick and study.

Michael Tan

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