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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Kids and Research Part I

Some note worthy feedback that our science teachers pointed out
yesterday in my talk with them on research, Information Literacy and
the Big Six.

Kids today when asked to do research...
1. Repel at the task because it entails a lot of reading from print resources.
2. Would request that they take it home and work on it there.
3. Are more comfortable using elecronic and multimedia resources.
4. Get lost and doesn't know where to begin.
5. Have mixed feelings on doing or starting the task.

Given these observations, it is interesting to probe deeper into the
learning process involved in research and how kids can be taught these
processes to become better at it. It also has implications to how
literacy is taught to them in the primary grades, likewise, on their
utility of library resources as learning tools in completeting
research work.

It seems that I have stumbled upon a mystery that needs to be solved.
It's time to begin researching...

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vonjobi said...
since they're more comfortable online, why not use the power of the
blog? check out Developments in the SG Blogosphere. or you can also
tell teachers that the library will take care of posting the best
works (that parents, relatives, friends, etc., can browse). one more
role that the librarian can take on easily... and promote the library,
too =)

Thursday, May 26, 2005 9:04:31 AM

Luthien of the Woods said...
Hello maam,

I am a theological librarian here in Davao City. You have sent a
comment to my post but i have changed address to another
blogspot.Instead of Fellowship of the Bookworms, now it's simply
called ktslibrary. Here is the new blogsite:

Thanks! I also want to include u in my link for other blog sites that i have.

Friday, May 27, 2005 9:43:15 AM

eruannie said...
luthien, thanks for the info. i'll soon make changes. i see you are a
tolkien fan, like me.

Friday, May 27, 2005 9:48:16 AM

eruannie said...
von, thanks. geez, haven't commented on your site yet. anyways, i'll
look up the link. thanks a lot.

Friday, May 27, 2005 9:48:59 AM


Friday, May 20, 2005
Talking to Teachers
I had the opportunity to share with our Grade School Science teachers
some important ideas on Information Literacy,the Big Six Research
Model and the utility of library tools for research. And it had been
an enriching, as well as insightful experience.

It was enriching because, I was able to get an information off hand on
the problems they encounter when assigning research work to students.
My colleagues in the GS LRC were also there to hear the clamor of
science teachers for the availability of library resources; monitoring
of students when using our facilities and materials, plus, the concern
for longer periods of time given to such endeavors. As a response, I
told them about the challenges that we all face as global teachers.
One of which is to form students who can interact, contribute an
docmpete in the global arena.

For students to be global learners, it is essential that they become
Information Literate. Information literate people are metacognitive
thinkers and independent learners who are aware of their social
responsibilities. In the context of science education, this can be
achieved through effective research strategies taught in the

Dr. MG Concepcion, the Science Coordinator brought out the half baked
skill of students to draw out conclusions from science experiments and
activities. He asked how this skill can be enhanced with in the Big 6
Framework. This question provided me with the insight to include
higher order thinking skills in one of the steps of the Big 6 which is
SYNTHESIS. Since drawing out conclusions is a skill, it must be
exercised and practiced across subject areas. Isn't it that learning
can happen in repetition?

In the end, I gave short book talks of current references available in
the GS LRC and web enhanced teaching strategies.

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