Tuesday, June 14, 2005

IT Integration Week

For this week, I will be posting IT Integration activities that I have done in the past including future teaching strategies involving the use of technology by teachers and students. And because I am still in the thick of things with lesson planning and preparation of instructional materials for my GS LRC Orientation this week, let me tell you about the courseware that I will be using for the first time with my grade 7 students.

The courseware was designed by Mr. Peter Martin Gomez, our IT Consultant. He has taken the laborious job of updating the database of students as well as creating an account for me. Thanks Martin! There was a time when computer people and school librarians never get to see eye to eye. But times have changed. We're more open to possible collaborations from different experts and the technocrats are beginning to appreciate our role in education. Now back to the courseware. It's dubbed as Xavier School eLearning Framework (XS ELF). It was first used by our brilliant school director, Fr. Johnny Go, SJ during the UbD Study circle where I happen to be one of his students. It's easy to use and teacher friendly.

Right now, I'm perusing over my content and deciding which ones are worthy of putting in the courseware. As much as I advocate the use of ITC's, I am also ever so carefull in designing lessons through these technology. Above all else, learning objectives and assessment must come first before specific techniques and strategies. Using ICT's are tools to achieve learning objectives. It assists in the facilitation of assessment and evaluation of learning. As always, this utility must be in context of the learner.

Now here is an IT Integration success story I wish to share with you. Do give me comments, questions and feedback.

Till next post!

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